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MYGOV Payments - Authorize Net - Tyler System (Used by City of Texas City)

Project Information:

The City of Texas City began using "MYGOV" on Jan 2018. 

All payment transactions entered in MYGOV are processed by Authorize Net.

Authorize Net forwards an e-mail notification to as the transactions are processed.

These transactions are then held until the next day when the batch report is received.

Once the transactions are reconciled to the batch report, these transactions are manually entered into the Tyler System.


Project Request:

Can the process above be automated by having all Authorize Net transactions payments automatically downloaded into the Tyler System?  Our IT department would like to have a contact at Authorize Net to proceed with this. Please advise.  Thanks.


The IT department could set up a script that queries Authorize.Net for the batch contents.

There is an api method called getTransactionList where it accepts a batch ID and returns transaction data. Using this information the IT department could then insert the transaction data into the Tyler System.


Here is a starting point:

Administrator Administrator

Hello @rdelao1,


Automating the functionality that you have described could certainly be implemented. The method of implementation would depend to a degree on the environment of your current system. In all cases it would involve querying's API and updating your SQL Server with the results.


Which Tyler product are you are using?



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Hi @rdelao1


You can use Webhooks for getting realtime notifications of payments and then querying the APIs if needed .



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