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Magento 2.2.6 Credit card charged multiple times without completing an order

Summary: Customers are trying to place an order on website (Magento 2.2.6). Their credit card is getting charged multiple times while the order is processing. Each time a charge is made to the credit card, a new Magento order number is used, but the order is never completed to appear in the admin area, resulting in no order for the customer.


We have gone through the logs, and able to find that the payment happen successful for those users shared in the screenshot, we found those users in Magento admin panel as well. But we don’t get orders from them as when I looked into the log in detail and compare with the response received from successful orders then they looked same, but 1 difference was there in them. and that was this fatal error after the many successful payment from the 3 users every time after the response:


AuthorizeNet Logger.CRITICAL: Payment Error: Gateway rejected the transaction.


The main issue is that this issue comes randomly for any user and not every time.


I tried checking the extension files and tried to debug the code but not able to reproduce it in staging server as there we have the sandbox environment.


This sounds like an issue you might have if you’ve had a freelancer doing custom work on your code. One hunch I have- the orders that have this issue, does the name, address, etc happen to have accented or diacritic characters in it?

P.S. if you are using SIM/DPM, your app will break at some point in the short term future. Those are on end of life soon.
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Hi Kudos. Thanks for your reply. We now think it is related to plug-ins for checkout, PHP, and the plug in.