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Magento Integration - Problem Receiving Payment Updates

We are running magento version 1.6.2


We have set up and most transactions work fine.  However, occationaly, we will get a "payment review" status and the items are in "invoiced.  But the Magento status is "payment review"  In the merchant account login, the merchant will review it and accept the transaction to proceed.  These transactions settle as seen on but the magento status never gets updated.  


In Magento, if you click on the "get payment update" button, we simply get "There is no update for the payment." and the status reads Payment Review.  


How is supposed to update Magento to a "processing" status so the shipping can be entered and the order gets to a complted status?  Is there some setting in the Magento interface that needs to be set to get updates from


That a question should be ask on Magento.

did a search on Magento


Hi all, 


This plugin helped me very much. Since I use this one, I have had no more problems.


There you go: