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Making API calls in java

I've downloaded the JDK and I've looked at ARB because I need to setup automated billing. From my understanding, I can pass an xml stack to the url provided in the ARB xml documentation and setup ARB there. However, when I looked at the JDK, it appears that I can use the same feature with the API. I looked at a lot of the classes in the JDK but never saw anything that gave any idea of how the actual API call was placed. It was just a bunch of classes full of getters and setters. I haven't been able to find any documentation on it the API calls either. I was able to find code examples for some of the processes I needed in JSP, but I need Java instead. I've never integrated software with credit cards so please be precise keep that in mind. Thanks!


It just a soap webservice call. Do java have anything to build the class from a wsdl?


Did you read the soap doc here?

Yes, but there is no way to just use the api and skip the soap? Where are the wsdls located?

The wsdl was the first link

You could try the SDKs,

Do you know where the other wsdls are for the other services like aim?

AIM don't have soap call, it xml or json(json still in beta)

Ok, so how would I implement AIM with xml? Do I just create the xml snippet like one in the documentation and then make an http request from my java application to the api test url with the xml snippet as a string? Would that work?