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Merchant Boarding API - Test Credentials

I've seen a variety of threads contradicting each other so I'm going to try to get everything sorted out here.  The "Live Help" specialist was no help and ended up referring me here.  Hopefully I can get this issue straightened out.


I'm coding in PHP to the Merchant Boarding API.  My XML is well formed and I have tried a variety of credentials, including re-issuing myself an API key several times, typing it in manually, etc...  With all attempts, I receive authentication failure.


I've used the login ID and API key found in my reseller account at the following URL:


I've tried creating a test developer account in the developer section:


I've tried combinations of each of the above.  I've sourced the PDF document supplied for the Merchant Boarding XML Guide, but it gives no clue as to where to look for test credentials or the proper credentials to use during development.


Below you will find the details of my request with credentials redacted.




XML: <?xml version="1.0"?> <getResellerProcessorsRequest xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd"><resellerAuthentication><name>xxx</name><apiKey>xxx</apiKey></resellerAuthentication><marketTypeId>0</marketTypeId></getResellerProcessorsRequest>


Response: ErrorE00007User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values.


Another thread mentions that test accounts don't exist for the merchant boarding API, but if this is the case, why is a test API endpoint even supplied?  Can someone clarify what is going on here, which endpoint/credential combo I should be looking for and which account/URL I should find it at?


Thank you.


Hi folks,

I still haven't made progress on the test credentials for the merchant boarding API.  I'm going to be starting tests for the actual merchant boarding scripts and don't wish to board test merchants to the live system.  While my calls to the live API are fine (not yet doing any calls that will set up merchants and cost us money), I'd really like to not board a handful of fake merchants that end up costing our business several hundred or thousands of dollars just to test.


Has anyone identified a way to create valid test credentials for the merchant boarding API?  The XML pasted in the first post works fine on the live system with the live credentials, but I still cannot get it to execute on the test system.


Thank you for any help you can provide.


Hi FireFeather,


Please email Developer@Authorize.Net so we can help you with your question and provide you the correct API credentials as well.




Thank you Joy.  I've written them now.  I also (theoretically) have a phone support person asking for more details about this as well.  No solutions thus far...