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Merchant-Defined Fields & SIM integration = not working

Hello everyone!

I have been scratching my head for 2 days and asking the Live Help to help me out on that one: No success.

We are using X-cart and are having a SIM integration (as far as I understand, I didn't do the installation myself)
We are using's hosted order page.


Now in our X-cart checkout page, I have this line:

<input  type="hidden" name="sliiing_data" value="MHwwfDB8NzMuMjMuMTExLjk0fA==" />


I need to pass the "sliiing_data" variable to authorize.NEt as hidden data and I need them to pass it back to me through "Relays response".

The problem is that the "sliiing_data" is not being passed to the authorize.NEt order page. I see it nowhere in the their source code + It is not in the datas that Relay Response is sending me ater a successfull transaction.

I have absolutely no idea why. Anyone can help?

Thank you




It is not passing on the form post to or not in the relay response?

It is in the credit card input screen(look at the page source)?


Did you try adding id="sliiing_data"


Have you try changing the relay response url to

so you can see what getting post back?


work for me when I try it with my sandbox account.