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Merchant Email Receipt

I am receiving a "Merchant Email Receipt" for each transaction and would like to turn this off.  I've looked under the Account Settings tab and the only thing there is the receipt for the customer.  Did I mess a setting somewhere?  I can't find it.






What API are you using? You can turn off the customer email receipt through SIM and AIM by setting x_email_customer to FALSE.

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I'm using AIM. This email is coming to me as the merchant.  I have the customer email turned off in the interface.


I get notified of each transaction...I'm in test mode on the production site, does that matter?

Funny...I answered the question asked and no-one has replied.  Is this the best that it gets in terms of customer service here?  Is there another alternative for support or is this it?  If this is it, it's pretty bad.

I would like to know the answer to this as well.



I apologize on the behalf of all members and contributors for the delayed response.  Please see the answer to your original request below.


Thank You!



How may I disable merchant email receipts?




You can easily update your account to disallow email notifications on your User Profile page of the Merchant Interface.

1) Login to your Merchant Interface at

2) Click User Profile in the main left side menu.

3) Click Edit Profile Information.

4) Uncheck the Transaction Receipt option. 

5) Click Submit.

What about the "UPload transaction Receipt"?

Hi MarcusSmith,

If you want to stop getting the transaction receipts on every authorized charge, like what soundcommerce mentioned above, you just need to uncheck the Transaction Receipt option. The Batch-Uploaded Transaction Receipt is an e-mail message that is generated when a merchant uploads a batch of transactions to the Authorize.Net system. It specifies the number of transactions that were approved, errored, and declined. If you are not using the batch upload feature then you can just deselect this option.