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More information on Setting Trial Period

Can anybody please tell me where can I find more information about trial periods. 

Like more information on:

trialOccurence, interval 


Hi asimneupane0089


More information can be found in our API Reference Guide at by searching for "trialOccurrence" and "interval" and you may also locate our Support Center articles on Automated Recurring Billing related topics at 


I take away from your question that you are wondering if you need to include the trialOccurrence count in the totalOccurrence count, although I'm not quite sure if I'm correct in this regard. 


In our API Reference Guide, we document:

  • If a trial period is specified, include the number of payments during the trial period in totalOccurrences.

The interval identifier indicates the time between payments occurrences and is documented in our API Reference Guide as: 

  • The length and unit elements together define the interval in between payments. If specified in terms of days, the interval can be between seven (7) and 365 days. If specified in terms of months, the interval can be between one (1) and twelve (12) months.

I hope this information is helpful to you. 




Moderator Moderator

Hello Elaine M,

Thank you for replying.


I'm trying to set trial period. I'm not quiet sure way I'm doing this is correct.

Currently, I've following setting:


Interval.Length = 30;

Interval.Unit = ARBSubscriptionUnitEnum.days;


 totalOccurrences = 9999; // ongoing


What should I set to make first 10 days as trial period ?


If I set trialOccurrences = 10 will this set trial period to 10 days ?