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Multiple Recurring Subscriptons with Similar Parameters

We are able to set up recurring billing subscriptions for our donors through the API.


But if the same donor wants 2 recurring billing subscriptions with the same details (interval, amount, day-of-month, etc.) the createSubscriptionFromCustomerProfile function returns the following error:


E00012. You have submitted a duplicate of Subscription 12345678. A duplicate subscription will not be created.


This is not good. We have donors who occasionally set up 2 different recurring billing subscriptions with the same details. Example: a donor wishes to donate $50 a month to one fund and $50 a month to another fund.


Are there other parameters we could pass, to differentiate between the 2 customers or the 2 subscriptions, and thus allow the "duplicate"?


Please do not offer suggestions for workarounds, such as entering it as a single subscription for $100 a month. Thank you for understanding.