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Multiple subscriptions using the same credit card



I've been testing this a bit but still not sure what the outcome is...


The point is to set up multiple ARB subscriptions.  They would all be identical - billed to the same person, same amount, etc. - however each gets a unique subscription id.  


The scenario is this. I have a client with 10 locations - and seven locations are to recieve our services, billed monthly (therefore ARB). However the owner has his one credit card. With the response when processing, I can take the subscription id and integrate into our records in our database (each location has it's own record).  This way I can query our db and see which locations are on the service (7 of them) and which are not (the other 3). 


However while testing it I got a message that I was putting through a duplicate transaction when I went to enter the second location and that was an error. I'm wondering if I use a different refID each time if that will remove the error. So far I have been sending an exact duplicate API push, just expecting to get back a different Subscription ID.


Anyone dealt with an issue like this before?  I am using XML for the API calls/responses





I pretty much have the same situation as @KB_developer but I am changing the refId with each transaction but I am still getting the duplicate error.  How can I get this to work?  Each subscription I submit needs its own subscription ID so the customer can manage them separately.


I found the solution, it involves using a different invoiceNumber for subsequent transactions.  I tried the solution and it worked.  Hope this helps someone else out in the future.