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Multiples Merchant accounts under my Authorize .net master account

Hello, my team and I, we are creating a property software managment.
My question is related to the merchants accounts. For example, I have to have a merchant account because our clients(landlord) the owners of the properties have to pay us for using out system, but this owners have to charges their clients(tenants) for rent for example and all this process payments are going to be done through our system, my question is, Do each landlord have to get his own merchant account registered with authorize .net?
Because our system should be allow tenants pay their bills to the landlord and every landlord would like received the payments directly to his merchant account; and the landlords have to pay us for using our system.

I mean I need each merchant account from the Landlords under my master account.

How can we do? Explain me any possible solution for this


Hello, Authorize.Net does not support account hierarchies, there is one merchant account per Authorize.Net account. I hope this helps.

Administrator Administrator