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.NET Core support

Are there any plans on the roadmap for supporting .NET core with the Authorize.NET client library?  Currently if I try installing the library via package manager I get an error saying it's incompatible with NETCoreApp, Version 1.1.


Short answer: Yes! We're excited about the direction Microsoft is taking .NET, and definitely would like to make sure our SDK supports Core.


Longer answer: 

The .NET core APIs are built on the “.NET Standard Library”, which is the common library of APIs meant to be available on all .NET runtimes going forward. The .NET Standard Library is currently a subset of existing APIs from the .NET Framework and some new APIs (introduced with what Microsoft was previously referring to as .NET 5 or ASP.NET 5).


Unfortunately, our current .NET SDK doesn’t work for .NET Core apps because not all of the APIs we call are included in .NET Standard. Almost all of them are, but there are a few we’ll have to find replacements for. Rest assured, we’re actively looking to modify the SDK to target just .NET Standard, and hope to have either a new Core package or a unified .NET package sometime soon. You can follow the effort (or contribute yourself!) at our .NET SDK GitHub repository.

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Is there any way to implement Authorize.Net in core application????????????

You are now able to use .net framework packages with asp core 2.0. The still won't work with asp core due to ConfigurationManager being used in the class. For the time being I created a nuget package AuthorizeNet.Fork.Aspcore2. The only difference from the main is all ConfigurationManager calls have been removed and the framework has been updated to .net461. I haven't fully tested it yet, but created it because I need it for a current asp core project.

Implementing API calls in .Net Core is very easy :

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Are we still relying on nuget package AuthorizeNet.Fork.Aspcore2 ? Or do we have an official answer for this? 


Sorry to bring up an old topic, I tried to search but couldn't find any related threads.



Any progress with this? It's been several years now and still no proper .NET Core SDK.