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Need Help on Update Message ,Authorize.Net Direct Post from MD5 to SHA-512

We have a ecommerece store on Magento ver. We are using Authorize CIM on our website , we got following notification as a critical update


Action required: Update Authorize.Net Direct Post from MD5 to SHA-512 – 3/1/2019
Magento's implementation of the Authorize.Net Direct Post payment method uses MD5 based hash, and on March 14, 2019 will stop supporting MD5 based hash usage. This will result in Magento merchants not being able to process payments using Authorize.Net Direct Post. To avoid disruption and to continue processing payments, merchants need to apply a patch provided by Magento and add a Signature Key (SHA-512) in the Magento Admin configuration settings. For information on applying this patch please see the Magento Help Center.


Please guide is this message linked to us ? Do we also need to update this patch on our site or its something different from what we are already using. ? As we have Authorize CIM on our store so is this patch necessary to be installed on our store ? I am confused please guide and help




Do you use direct post method to process payments? The above refers to DPM.
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We are using Authorize CIM method on our website. Do we have to update this patch then on our website ?