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Need Immediate Transaction Completion for Rider Booking App with CyberSource Payment Gateway

Hello CyberSource Community,

I am developing a rider booking app similar to Uber and Careem, and I am integrating CyberSource as the payment gateway for processing transactions. In our app, it's crucial to transfer the payment from the rider's account to the merchant's account immediately upon booking.

However, I am facing an issue with the capture API in the CyberSource payment gateway. Whenever I call this API, it returns a PENDING status. After some research, I discovered that CyberSource processes transactions in batches at a specific time. Consequently, the status changes from PENDING to TRANSMITTED only after this batch process is completed.

For our rider booking app, we require transactions to be completed instantly. Waiting for a batch process is not feasible for our real-time payment needs.

Is there a way to achieve instant transaction processing with CyberSource? Are there any configurations or alternative APIs within CyberSource that can help expedite this process? Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!