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Need help to capture payment

Hi, i am new to, i have integrated it in my project, i have to charge clients on monthly basis. For this purpose i have done ARB as well which is creating subscriptions successfully. My main issue is, How i can charge the CC with initial transactions??


actually i have tried to do it with "AUTH_CAPTURE". But it takes time for authorization. Can some one please guide me that for initial and fast payment capturing which mehtod i should use???





If you use createTransactionRequest with AuthCapture and you get a successfuly gateway response, your transaction will settle starting after the next transaction cut-off time.


This video will provide an overview of the payment process:



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I know about cutt-off time, i have to wait for it so that scheduler can transfer amount in my account. is their any fast way that i can get initial payment within seconds??? i am already using Auth_Capture.


i have called and they told that my code is not telling the system to charge initially. Please please tell me is their any fast way to charge client and transfer amount in merchant account in seconds.??? have total 6 transaction types. which one i have to use for it????



Authorize.Net does not support accepting payments within instant funds transfer, that's not how card payments work.


If you need assistance with your code for AuthCapture, could you please share a code snippet showing how you are specifying your transaction type?