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Need help with AIM sdk for Java



First, I want thank you in advance for reading my post and giving me some help. 


I work for a software company and we have developed a tablet based POS system for Android OS. The app is written in JAVA and the backend is web-based using PHP.


We have linked our app with Auth.Net. Our customers currently have ‘card not present’ accounts. I was told by Auth.Net that the account types are now blended, meaning it doesn't matter if they are setup within as 'card present' or 'card not present.' We are using AIM API with market type set to 2 (retail) and device type set to wireless_POS.


PROBLEM: When we process a credit card on the tablet by swiping (Unimag II from ID TECH), the transaction is going through as e-commerce or MOTO. Although we are set to send the track 1 data, market type retail, we are still not sending the informaiton to correctly.  


We hired a recommended third party developer for and they said what we want, to be able to process credit cards from a custom android POS system as card present is not possible with the Android SDK. He said we need to integrate custom API calls with the SDK in order to solve the problem, that they have to write a wraper to create a user on and then make the transaction as card present. 


I am not a programmer so I don't know if what he is saying is correct. Has anyone else ran into this type of issue before? Does anyone know the solution? I would appreicate any and all help. Thanks! 


Hello @twin_peaks 


The Android SDK is designed specifically to support your use case.


It is correct that a Card Not Present (CNP) gateway can accept Card Present (CP) transactions.  When submitting the transaction, the developer must submit track data instead of the card number, otherwise it will treat it as an eCommerce transaction.


You must also ensure that your merchant service provider supports both CNP and CP transactions using the same gateway account.


If your developer has more specific questions, they can ask them here.



Administrator Administrator

Hi @RichardH 


Thank you for your reply. 


I spoke with my developer and we submit only track data. In the past, we used to submit the card data individually, but made that change per your suggestion. I tested and it is still going through as e-commerce. 


When I run a transaction, I check our Auth.Net account (unsettled transactions/transaction ID) and it says e-commerce there. The porblem is it is coming through to  Auth.Net as e-commerce before it even goes to our merchant service provider and we can't figure out why? Can we post our code here for review? Thanks! 


Are you working in the sandbox or in production?


Please post the XML request and response with any sensitive data redacted.



Hi @RichardH 


Thank you for your efforts and help. 


Once I requested the XML request and response, my developer noticed that although we were trying to send track data, it wasn't going through on the XML request. 


He added "creditCardToProcess.setCardPresent(true);" to the code and it solved all our problems. We are now sending transactions as card present/ retail when we swipe. 


Thank you again for your help. I apprecaite it.