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Never Get Relay Post Back to My URL

I've tried a wide variety of techniques for interfacing with the DPM API in test mode. In all cases, the transactions are successfully being approved. However, I have yet to be able to get Authorize.NET to post the result back to my site even once.


I 've checked the relay URL serveral times. I must be missing something.


How can I debug this? How can I determine what is happining on the Authorize.NET side? Do I need to set additional configuration settings in order to get this to work?


Please! I've put a lot of effort onto this but that callback post never comes. What is the next step?!?





Thanks for the input.


Turns out my biggest problem is that I'm not easily able to debug the callback, which must run on a public server. In fact, looks like my relay URL is getting called. However, the validation is failing so my code never runs.


On to trying to resolve the SIMResponse.Validate() issue.