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New API Problem

We have a massive J2EE application which uses Within the application we have a payment system which uses two different accounts at


The new API requires me to compile the API and Trans key. How can I resolve this issue without re-writing half of your source code?


Please respond to this problem ASAP.


Thank you,




The new API? you mean the new SDKs? you don't have to use it.


I have an email saying the IP Address we are hitting is no longer going to be used. The deprecated IP address is hard coded in the old API we are using.


I have to upgrade the new SDK to the latest version (only one I can find on site).


We have two different bank accounts for one application which is now failing because the SDK needs to be compiled with the keys.


I would need to re-write the SDK to change the classes so they are different for the two bank accounts...



The API itself having changes much, wouldn't it be easier to change your old code to use domain name instead of IP address?

The IP Address appears hard coded in the SDK. I have checked our DNS and we have not hard coded it anywhere.



One way or the other, I guess you will have to rewrite it



None of the Authorize.Net SDKs use an IP address for an endpoint.