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New Iframe footer text not displaying

We have standard footer text that was showing in the old iframe for a long time. Now what we are preparing to convert over to the new iframe, this text is no longer displaying.


To configure the footer text we:


  1. Log into Authorize.Net's web site using the appropriate credentials.
  2. Click Account.
  3. Under Transaction Format Settings, click Payment Form.
  4. Click Footer. This opens the Payment Form - Footer page

We need to know why in the new iframe, this text no longer displays?



Hi @dmcintyre,


Unfortunately, as you have seen, the customizable footer text is not a feature of our new Accept Hosted tool. The footer and other formatting settings for payment form that you see in the Merchant Interface only apply to the older SIM method.


If you find that Accept Hosted doesn't meet your needs because of that limitation, might I recommend Accept.js?

You can actually now call a hosted payment form from JavaScript in the browser, and then return an encrypted representation of the card data back to your server to do all of the transaction processing server-side. It's the PCI-DSS profile of SIM or Accept Hosted with the additional customizability of handling things in the browser.

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