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Newbie question about email receipts

We are doing an authorization request first, to ensure the credit card is valid etc.  Then we are doing some processing and then later we are doing the actual capture.

We are experiencing emails on both authorization and on capture, and they both appear to be the same (same amount, same date and time).

Why isn't the email from authorization different?  Shouldn't it say something like "We pre-authorized your card"?

It appears that it is quite tricky to change the emails (See below) so how do we get around this?  Or are we doing something wrong?


As far as I know, the email only send on the authorization, which transaction type are you using for the capture? Are you using PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE?


Yes we are

The orders that went through suggest that we did correctly do an authorize first and then a Capture see here - the Trans Status for each pair of transactions suggests that


Yet we got an email for the Auth and an email for the Capture

Please post the transaction response here in the thread to make it easier for others to assist.