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Newbie question about the various APIs

I need to be able to process both CP and CNP transactions.  The CNP transactions are phone-based orders.  Users will key info into a custom POS application - customers arrive later to physically retrieve receipt and merchandise.  The CNP is fairly high-volume - I don't want users switching between line-of-business app and Virtual Terminal to enter payment data.  Needs to be an integrated solution within line-of-business app.


Customers can also pay in person via a custom POS terminal.  Card will be present here, obviously.


So - it looks like AIM is what I'm looking for, but I'm not sure if it will handle both CNP and CP transactions.  I have 3 locations which will each need their own merchant account.  Would I be looking at 3 accounts or 6?




Hi petersonmd1,


Authorize.Net currently requires separate accounts for CP and CNP gateways so for your 3 stores you will have a total of 6 Authorize.Net gateways having CNP and CP for each location.


 Thanks, Joy

Administrator Administrator