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Nondescript API Repsonse Offers no way to troubleshoot

Hello, I have a client who recently switched payment processors and as part of that their new processor set them up with a gateway account using Authorize.Net. They are using Magento 2 and its built in Authorize.Net capabilities. We've gotten all of the appropriate keys and set it up in the admin area, but when someone checks out we get a non descript error and I have no way to troubleshoot this from what I can see.


What is happening is that a POST request is being made to in the following format (data redacted):


  "securePaymentContainerRequest": {
    "merchantAuthentication": {
      "name": "ResiliteStore",
      "clientKey": "***************"
    "data": {
      "type": "TOKEN",
      "id": "***-***-***-***-***",
      "token": {
        "cardNumber": "************7319",
        "expirationDate": "******",
        "cardCode": "***"


Inspecting the developer panel I see the following response:


  "messages": {
    "resultCode": "Error",
    "message": [
        "code": "E00001",
        "text": "An error occurred during processing. Please try again."


I have contacted support via a chat and they offered no advice. They said this was a placeholder repsonse for if there was something wrong with the code. This is Magento 2's default code, so I am fairly sure there are no errors in it otherwise it wouldn't have made it to production. Support said my best bet was to post here.


I have used Postman to make specific requests for things like Authenticating the account, getting merchant details and trying to get settled batches and those all give me apporpriate repsonses. So, I know the credentials that I have input are correct. I've also tried in Magento 2 to switch to sandboxx mode and it tells me my credentials are wrong - so I am fairly sure the nondescript error I am receiving is not because I am using bad credentials. For some reason, this one through Magento is not offering anything useful.


There seem to be no logs in Authorize.Net's admin area. We've used Authorize.Net for many of our clients in the past and this was always a drawback. I've done custom integrations for Authorize.Net for many clients in the past so I am familiar with the basics from those days, but might be missing something new. I have no way to troubleshoot what is going on here from what I can tell.


Please advise!a If we cannot figure this out we will have to try to find a different solution.