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Not recieving silent post with SIM but getting it when I go through C# SDK

I have 2 different applications, one of a C# WinForms app that is directly referencing the AuthorizeNet.dll and we are collecting credit card information in the app and sending it to Authorize.Net using that dll.  I'm not sure what that integration method is called.  The other application (because the first one is not PCI compliant) is using the SIM, we post some user information to Authorize.Net and the user enters credit card information there.  We've set up to recieve silent posts when transactions are complete and we do as long as the transaction is approved, if it's not approved we don't get anything.  However, that only applies to the website where we have redirected the user to Authorize.Net's website.  The WinForms app gets the silent post on both accepted and declined transactions. 


To recap, the application using the C# SDK gets the silent post on both accepted and declined transactions.  The website using the SIM gets the silent post when the transaction is accepted but not when it's declined. 




Sound like the winforms app is using AIM.


silent post wouldn't care if it accept or reject. It probably something in your code. Could you check the silent post response? I didn't know there is a setting that said to only send out silent post on approved transaction, where are you setting that at?


I'm not setting anything to make it only send a silent post on approved transactions.  I want the silent post on approved and rejected transactions.  And there isn't any silent post to check, it just never sends anything on rejections.

Are you logging the silent post access? or maybe it just wasn't saving decline to your database?

I'm logging everything that comes back before I do anything else so I can definitely say it's not hitting that postback page at all.

when you said reject, it not like some response code 3, or 4.


and you can find it on the merchant account transaction detail?




This is the exact data that I am posting to Authorize.Net.  Once it's there I never hear back from them on a decline.  There is no response code at all, just silence.  If I look under the unsettled transactions I don't see the payment that was declined.



If is not in the unsettled and settled transaction, that does sound like there isn't any transaction. Did you try something to get the declined?

Does it go to the Thank you for your order?  x_receipt_link_url ? could you see the response on the x_receipt_link_method

I was wrong, I do see this decline in the unsettled transactions.  And I get as far as this screen on Authorize.Net.  Could it be sending my silent post to the x_receipt_link_url?


If it happeneding on the production server. Contant them with the transactionID you found on the declined unsettled transaction, their developer might be able to see if anything was send.