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Object reference not set to an instance of an object

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I have a .net core 2.2 application . The code is in a class library . 

The code is similar to



1) The application works as expected when I execute it from Visual Studio on my local machine with the sandbox account. 

2) I need to host it on IIS(development still ) on a web server. I still want to use the Sandbox account. 

3) I thought I dont have to make any change to the configuration and it will work as is. 

4) But on the IIS the response returned from this method is null. I was of the opinion that will return some value always. Never expected a null. 


1) how do I get it working with the sandbox account on my web server. 

2) If I have to go live , what else i have to do other than changing the Login and TranCode.?