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PDF Form Hyperlink to Authorize.Net Hosted Payment Form

I don't know if this can be done. I am not a developer and would pay someone to help with a solution. 


I have a PDF that calculates a $ Value.


Hyperlink on the PDF that would send user to hosted form. 


I would like to pass that value to hosted payment form for payment. 


Is this possible? I guess in theory, I would like to have other fields of form prepopulate as well from PDF. I would specify which ones, but obvious (name, address...) 






There's not a way to do this directly, unfortunately. The link would have to go to your own server to begin the process, or the PDF would have to have some way to get some more info from your server and post that info to generate the form.


I don't quite know the extent of what you could do inside a PDF. I'm guessing there's not a way for the PDF itself to retrieve a value from a server, and then do an HTTP form post with that value to a different server. If there was, what you describe may be possible, but I think PDF would be too limited for that.

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If your PDF is dynamic, IE. calculating a value, then you could append this value or any others for that matter in the query string of your hyperlink which could then received as variables to be passed to your hosted payment form.

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