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PHP SDK SSL certificate expires tomorrow?

It looks like the SSL certificate provided with the PHP SDK will expire tomorrow. Will a new certificate be issued? Or is there a new one posted somewhere else?

twitch:anet_php_sdk/ andrew$ openssl x509 -dates < lib/ssl/cert.pem 
notBefore=Mar 31 17:04:00 2010 GMT
notAfter=Mar 30 17:33:57 2012 GMT



Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've taken a close look at this and here's what we've determined.


  • The ssl cert you are looking at is an older cert from when we released the SDK. We no longer depend on this cert and will be updating the PEM file shortly to remove it.
  • Since the initial release, newer certs have been put into place and those certs will provide the SSL encryption as expected.
  • Our root level certs do not expire for years.
  • To validate this, we created a new PEM file removing the expired cert and it tested fine. We are going to perform some add'l validation before posting the new PEM file, so you might want to keep an eye out for that update. (We'll post a follow up here as well.)


We'll keep an eye on this community over the weekend and if anything comes up, we'll jump on it quickly. But, to repeat what I stated earlier, we do not anticipate any problems whatsoever.





Administrator Administrator

Thanks David. It looks like cURL is using the SSL certificate from the server, so this hasn't actually caused any issues for us.