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Passing a zero dollar value for line item AIM

I am using AIM with PHP. 

I am confused about some wording in the docs from the x_line_item field.



"Item Price (unit cost)<|> Required

Value: Cost of an item per unit, excluding tax, freight, and duty.

Format: Up to two decimal places. Must be a positive number. The
dollar sign ($) is not allowed when submitting delimited information."


Is 0.00 a positive number?


I am getting an intermittent 270 error on a line item. I have never gotten the error on any other item and the only thing that is different is the 0.00 for the price. It usually works, but lately I have been getting more errors and I am wondering if the zero price is not really allowed? From the wording in the docs i would say it shouldn't be, but I'm looking at 100's of transactions where it has gone through just fine.









Hi qwales1 ,


Sending 0.00 for Item Price will work, this will not cause the error 270 that you are getting. There must be another error with the line item being submitted and the most common type of error is a field length error.




Administrator Administrator

Thanks for the response Joy. I'm limiting the characters in the fields to the lengths specified in the docs. Is there any way to get field specific error data for the line item? I haven't seen anything like that from looking around, but maybe I am missing something. I have excluded that line item from being sent to authorize and have not had the error occur since.