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Pay commission with DPM method

I have to use DPM method and to charge for our product itself and then to charge for commission.

So I need to perform it as two separate transactions.


We used Braintree before. Braintree supports storing CC data in Vault. Later it's possible to create transaction from vault.


Do supports vault functionality? Is is possible to create transaction from the Vault with API and Ruby?


I see CIM API allows to store customer's payment information on the side. But is it possible to store these information using DPM without sending CC fields to our server? We need to stay PCI compliant.


No, can't stored CC info with DPM.

There is a hosted option on CIM, it is a little more complicated than DPM.

But CIM method requires to submit creadit card data to my server. So to be PCI compliant I shouldn't use CIM API. Right?

The CIM hosted option is run on server, which also mean you have less control over it and there a fees to use it.

Download the "CIM - Hosted popup for single payment/shipping" sample code and see it in action.


Even DPM required some PCI compliant. There was another discussion on it on another thread.