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PayPal Express checkout is not working

Dear support team,

We are facing an error on each transaction type from to PayPal, even using your Live API Console:
API Response Code E00027 : The transaction was unsuccessful. Transaction Response Code 57 : An error occurred during processing. Please try again.
Moreover, a half week ago everything was ok.
We are tried to create a new account for the and new account for the PayPal, integrate them through Digital Payment Solutions, but in the end, we are getting the same issue.
We are using sandboxes and Live mode,
Changing Live mode to the test is not an option because the token from the "PayPal" receiving as 0 and it is not possible to proceed with such test payment.
Please assist.

Can it be related that right now PayPal Express Checkout under the maintenance?


Because we are using sandbox account, and accordingly the
all Sandbox Systems working well at the moment.


I am getting the same errors right now in Sandbox mode.  Even testing in the API Live Console throws the same generic 57 error code.  Confirmed that nothing has changed with my Paypal Integrations, still hooked up to a paypal sandbox account. 


I just tried an Auth Only in the sandbox and received an Express Checkout Token in the sandbox. It appears to be working now. Are you still seeing the errors?