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We would to allow our customers to make online payment. I know there's a simple checkout system to embed a button to our website. However, we need a link. This is what our web developer is saying: "

We don’t have the ability to create/use buttons and are just looking for the actual web link that directs to the payment page.  All we are doing is adding that web link as a link to your TSC.  There is not any true button customization or anything like that in the TSC site so the code that they’ve provided below is not something that would be useable.  


I do see that there is the web link that they’ve included as part of the button below, so I’m wondering (and hoping) that there is a way to customize that link so that it’s specifically for your company and directs right to the payment page you are needing to use.  That’s the only way we will ever be able to get the direct link to work.     


This is an example of what I mean:"


Please help!


Can anyone help?