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Phone Payments Via SIM

Hey.  We have a web application that has been developed to take credit card payments over the phone.  At the moment, we collect the information on the site and then pass using the API, but I wondered if it was possible to use SIM to process a payment as this would make things clearer from PCI acreditation.  


Where I am unclear is whether it is possible to use SIM for payments taken over the phone or whether it is only used where the client is imputing the card information via a public website.


any help greatly appreciated.  thanks.


thanks for this.  I was just unclear if this was ok for cases where someone takes a mail order payment on the phone, so the card holder is not present?  The website seemed to suggest that you needed to use the virtual terminal for this.



a Card present account can work with CNP(card NOT present) transaction, so it will work.

Updated. now an account work with both CP and CNP transaction.

great, thanks.