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Please help me !!! The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.

This is my source code. I used it with test API and test transaction key, every thing is ok but I changed it to be  a real API code and real  transaction key in line 2. There is error...

It is error "AuthorizeNet Error: Response Code: 3 Response Subcode: 2 Response Reason Code: 13 Response Reason Text: The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive."


Please help me... I can't solve my problem. Please advise me. 


This is my source code.


require_once 'anet_php_sdk/AuthorizeNet.php'; // Make sure this path is correct.
$transaction = new AuthorizeNetAIM('xxxxxxx', 'xxxxxxxxxx');
$transaction->amount = $m1;
$transaction->card_num = $cnumber;
$transaction->exp_date = $cdate1;
$transaction->card_code = $cvvcode;
$transaction->first_name = mysql_result($result3,0,"Firstnbill");
$transaction->last_name = mysql_result($result3,0,"Lastnbill");
$transaction->address = mysql_result($result3,0,"Addr1bill");
$transaction->city = mysql_result($result3,0,"Citybill");
$transaction->state = mysql_result($result3,0,"Statebill");
$transaction->zip = mysql_result($result3,0,"zipbill");
$transaction->phone = mysql_result($result3,0,"phonebill");
$transaction->email = mysql_result($result3,0,"email");
$transaction->ship_to_first_name = mysql_result($result3,0,"Firstship");
$transaction->ship_to_last_name = mysql_result($result3,0,"Lastship");
$transaction->ship_to_address = mysql_result($result3,0,"Addr1ship");
$transaction->ship_to_city = mysql_result($result3,0,"Cityship");
$transaction->ship_to_state = mysql_result($result3,0,"Stateship");
$transaction->ship_to_zip = mysql_result($result3,0,"zipship");

$response = $transaction->authorizeAndCapture();