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Possible to capture customer info from CC swipe during website checkout?

Our company mostly sells online using WooCommerce, but now and then we sell from a booth at a trade show or fair. On those occasions, we still use the website to take orders. The staff typically uses Chromebooks and enters the orders manually in either the front or back end of the site. But we have to type in the customer's billing and shipping  information manually for each order, including first name, last name, address, phone number, email address, etc..., which slows down the checkout process tremendously. 
To speed things up, is it possible to capture the customer's information when they swipe their credit card or when we type in the number manually on an order? 
If not, does  Auth net provide anything that might help with this problem? Can anyone provide any suggestions or insight that might help?  
Appreciate any input offered. Thanks!

You did not specify what type of swipe you are using.
If your card reader can put the data as keyboard input, you can put the cursor into your web page to receive the swipe, and use javaScript to extract the data and place it into the Name, Card Number, Exp Date fields.
If your card reader is PCI DSS compliant the process will be different.

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