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Pre Authorizing card with free trial

I am looking for a solution for a membership site that we offer a 14day free trial. We went to go live and did some testing only to realize that I can enter wrong CC info, since its not authorizing/charging the card at sign up.


I was under the impression that gateway did that. Now I am told we have to impliment another API and it will have to charge and refund an amount at checkout to be able to do so. 


i.e- we charge and refund a 0.01 cent to pre-authorize it instead of having a card declined at the end of our trial if the info is entered incorrectly. 


I have signed up for many trials that this doesnt have to happen but it still will authorize the card. Is there another soluton? Why can others accomplish that? 




Hello @lawrence260


It would help if you provided a bit more detail about how your application works and which API you are using.  Are you creating a recurring billing subscription?



Administrator Administrator

I am not the developer but owner. I am fairly sure they just set up the standard API. I would have to check. Yes we are creating a recurring billing with a 14 day trial up front.


Tech support stated that there is another API we would have to use but it we would have to charge and refund a small amout to authorize the card

VaildateCustomerPaymentProfileRequest is the one

Yes, VaildateCustomerPaymentProfileRequest is correct.


Use this function to generate a test transaction that verifies an existing customer payment profile. No customer receipt emails are sent when the VaildateCustomerPaymentProfileRequest function is called.


If the card does not validate, you can take appropriate action in your system.





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