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Problem using jQuery.UI.Combined NuGet Package

Using the 1.12.1 version with .NET (fromework specifically if it matters) it appears to download a bunch of CSS files from version 1.11.4, for example all.css and button.css (there are a bunch of them). I wouldn't normally think much of it but I was running into a problem where the buttons on my dialogs were not being displayed as they were with 1.11.4.

To see if it fixed the issue I simply tried deleting all the 1.11.4 stylesheets, leaving just the 1.12.x ones and suddenly the buttons are styled properly. Deleting these files does not appear to have broken anything.

The buttons were not given any specific styling, just left with the default one in both cases.

Is this a flaw with the NuGet package, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advanced.