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Profile charge is declined because no CCV code is provided?




We use api to charge saved payment profile. User selects a profile to be charged from upon ordering, but the profile is charged later when order is shipped. Thus, when chargng the profile we use only customerProfileID and paymentProfileID. No CCV is provided since we can't store it


It works for the most part. But there are 2-3 transaction a day that are declined with status: Declined  (Card declined by issuer - Contact card issuer to determine reason.)


Could it be declined because we dont provide CCV for verification?


Sample details:

Transaction Status: 	Declined  (Card declined by issuer - Contact card issuer to determine reason.)
Authorization Amount:	USD 46.74
Authorization Code:	
Reference Transaction ID:	Not Applicable
Transaction Type:	Authorization w/ Auto Capture
Market Type:	eCommerce
Product:	Card Not Present
Address Verification Status:	AVS Not Applicable (P)
Card Code Status:	Not Applicable
CAVV Result Code:	Not Applicable
Fraud Score Applied:	Not Applicable
Recurring Billing Transaction:	N
Partial Capture Status:	Not Applicable

Card Type:	Visa



Hello @oleksandrkozlov


This response indicates the transaction was successfully processed but the cardholder's bank declined the transaction.  You need to work with the cardholder and their bank to determine why it was declined.



Administrator Administrator

Thanks for the reply!

I understand we need to work with customer to get that information.


I just wanted to figure out odds of it declined because of no CCV code... Is it even a thing?