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Put a hold on an Automated Recurring Billing Subscription

Is it just me or is it crazy that you cannot put a hold on an active subscription.  So here is the hypothetical...Say I run a gym and a user from the website wants to put a hold on their subscription for 6 months.  Currently in the PHP-SDK I am not able to modify the start date of a subscription if there have been any completed payments so it looks like my only option (which is a UI/UX nightmare) is to ask for their card information again and then cancel the current subscription and create a new one with the new start or on hold date that the customer wants.  


Is this really the only way to do it?  How come I cannot simply:


A: Change the status of the subscription to on hold or one that does not charge the card and then change it's status on the start date that the user entered




B: Just allow me to update the start date or another field so that I do not have to go through the whole process of creating a new subscription and cancelling the old one and making the user enter in their payment information yet again for a subscription and customer profile where it already resides????


Am I crazy or just missing something obvious as this should be a simple feature as putting a membership or subscription on hold is something that tons of businesses do whether brick and mortar or on the web.  I also see that I cannot create a subscription with just the customer payment profile ID either and it was in "development" 2 years ago according to another post.  


Please someone shed some light on this or tell me how to do it without creating a ton more development work.


Hi @mvb89b


You can create a subscription with customer profile as below


When you create a new subscription with  card/ACH , a payment profileID is returned in response . 


For your scenario , you will need to cancel the current subscription and use the same paymentProfile to create a new subscription with a future startDate . 


You can also sumit the  feature idea for holding subscriptions in our Ideas  forum



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