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Queries on CIM Hosted Page Design

As per you document CIM_XML_guide.pdf page no: 107,

Designing Your Web Page

In three ways we are using first way of Authorize.Net Payment Gateway i.e., direct the customer to Authorize.Net to manage payments and shipping all on one page.


Here we are able to see your sample page as you show in document.


My Questions:


1. Can we add my web site logo header and footer?


2. Can we change the back ground color?


3.  In Add a New Payment Method Can we hide the Bank Account (USA only)  radio button?  


Please do need full.


Hello @KSGRao ,


In answer to questions 1 and 2, when using the CIM Hosted forms, it is not possible to modify the design or change the fields


eCheck only appears if your account has the service enabled, which the sandbox has by default.  We can disable the eCheck Service in your sandbox and eliminate the Bank Account option in the hosted form if you send a request to Please include your sandbox Payment Gateway ID in question. 



Administrator Administrator

 Can we hide the Shipping Information [Add a New Shipping Address]? 

As mentioned above, it is not currently possible to modify the CIM hosted payment form.



Are these CIM limitations going to be addressed in the near term? Here is my analysis of CIM from a post I made elsewhere earlier today: 


I find this CIM to be lacking features:


  • difficult (not impossible) to omit Shipping details from the hosted Profile. That should be a simple parameter in the function.

  • same for omitting the Bank Account option from the New Payment Method options, that should be easy to omit.

  • not possible to limit the number of credit cards to only one.

  • not possible to retrieve a users CustomerProfile if you "lost" the customerProfileID from your database. At the same time you cannot delete the profile because that function also requires the customerProfileID. So if you lose the customerProfileID (has to be accounted for in error trapping), then I assume you have to go online and hunt for it in your customer records. Instead I hacked this in my code to grab the profile ID from this error statement: "A duplicate record with ID xxxxxx already exists." 

  • I have not done this yet but I know I need to review my code and ensure that my user records are not tied to the customerProfile on ONLY the users email address.

  • it also is not easy to display the stored credit card profiles to the customer for them to select which one to use. getCustomerProfile only returns the last four digits of the credit card, nothing else. Kind of hard to display only that minimal information to the buyer to have them choose which one to use. I don't even get the expiration date so I cannot tell the user in advance that their credit card has expired or will soon.

It seems for the CIM to be fully effective, it wants me to manage the account from my application, have them enter the credit card details on MY application and then push that information to But that defeats the purpose, requires me to install SSL, which I was trying to avoid in this situation.

Hello @stzoid 


Thanks for the feedback about not being able to modify the fields.


There are multiple versions of the hosted form that you can present to the user:


  • Manage
  • AddPayment
  • EditPayment
  • AddShipping
  • EditShipping 

If you only wish to store a single card, using createPayment and then editPayment should work for you.



I worked thorugh that and get "Customer Information Manager is not enabled." when trying to access. I have read comments on this error and will probably be able to resolve. I appreciate your assistance, but also wanted to say your documentation in this area is really dispursed and incomplete, difficult for a new developer even though I have tons of API experience.