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Query regarding Upload Transaction Files

Hello everyone,


I am new to and needed help regarding the Upload Transaction file feature.

We are trying to come up with a credit card charging strategy for our application.

We have a bunch of customers using our application and we maintain the credit card details of each one of them.

We want to do a EOD run which will post the charges for the day for each of the customer on their respect credit cards.

So I want to use the Upload Transaction file feature which allows to upload file with multiple charges for different individuals.

My question is whether this upload has to be done manually only or can it be automated as part of the EOD process assuming we have the upload file generated on our local system on a daily basis.

Thanks in advance !



RPC Developer.


few more details:


Technology used : .net mvc3

database : sql server


currently have a sandbox account for


Thanks !


The only upload feature are thru the merchant account. Under "Upload Transaction Files "

Or you would have to do each one individuality thru an API.

I even have tried with Blank ASP.NET New Solution that has Webapplication csproj link. And added the Authorize.NET csproj into the ASP.NET answer.


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