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Question on Integrating with quickbooks

So I’m working on a project as a layer on top of quickbooks. Its takes care of things that are more industry-specific. The only reason this project is a layer on top of quickbooks and not a standalone project is because the accounting department doesn’t want to veer from quickbooks. So basically i have a database with all quickbooks’ fields plus some extra fields, and have a worker service that syncs all the shared data from my program’s db to quickbooks db every few minutes. The problem with this is that i essentially have two databases (my own and quickbooks). Is this considered bad practice? i don’t see any other way I could accomplish this because The alternative would be more complicated- id have to garner data from quickbooks then match it with applicable added fields of my database then serve it to the client. Any insight would be awesome. TIA


Perhaps it would be better to build a custom system running next to QB. Because a company like this has outgrown this service. And you just need to contact their essay writer accounting department.