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Questions regarding AIM Integration

I have a few questions integration related.
1) Is there a console that shows all incoming requests for my sandbox key in raw form?  
(I am looking for this to trouble shoot what you are receiving and why it is being rejected)
2) I am confused over the advanced integration.  I have found multiple ways of integrating.
For example, there is a .NET C# solution that uses name/value pairs.  
That solution works fine when I run it in my environment. Yet when I implement the same way of doing a call
, I get a response that this method is no longer supported.
3) Are there any current C# solutions for the preferred way of integrating with no card present
(manually entered transactions)?






1)Raw form?like name/value pair? no, not on, it only what in the settled/unsettled transactions


2)AIM use name/value passing with the url, sound like you are either missing required fields or passing fields that are not for AIM

Doc is here


3)Just however you want to do webrequest call.


You might also consider using the API Reference and the built-in console.  It allows you to see the XML request and response.