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Quickbooks Download

It's quite frustrating that there's no way to get a Quickbooks download from the sandbox environment! Why not? I have a lot of questions and have spent hours in the forums looking for answers. Not much there about how the fields being sent to the SIM API interact with the iif file. So:


1) If I send just the tax amount, no delimited data for the tax item name or the tax description; I get the account and item name from the default setup fields in the  merchant interface. If I were to send the tax item name and the tax description, do these overide the ACCNT and the INVITEM in the iif file?


2) I'm sending the x_freight field. All of the entries in the iif file come back with the taxable flag set to "N". Shipping and handling are taxable in many of our United States. I need my import to Quickbooks to see the shipping as taxable. There is no documented way I can find to send a taxable flag on the x_freight.


3) I found one entry in the forum about sending discount amounts, but no real workable solution. I am sending the discount as a line item. It shows up on the SIM form as a positive number, because that's all the API will accept in the x_line_item. But it least it's there and the customer can see it...and do the backwards math, The total amount to be charged that I'm sending is less the discount. But then the iif file has to be modified (change neg to pos) or Qucikbooks will reject the transaction as out of balance. Is there a better solution?




Hello mbalog99


I can confirm that Quickbook downloads is not enabled in the sandbox.

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