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getTransactionListRequest api not fetching Refund Tranactions

I have a SSIS Process that downloads all of the BatchID for the last 4 days and then using "getTransactionListRequest" I get a list of all transactions in the the Batches.  Then I download all of the Transaction Details using method "getTransactionDetailsRequest".  This data is either inserted or updated in a table so we can easily run reports.  This process runs nightly.

The problem we discovered recently is that the method "getTransactionListRequest" is downloading a list of all transactions except for Refunds.  We know this because we have performed a monthly comparison.  Basically for the months of November and December 2022,  392 transactions all Refunds were not downloaded by my process.

Interesting enough once I have identified the missing transaction, I can manually download them using method "getTransactionDetailsRequest".  The problem isn't downloading the transaction it is just getting the transaction id when I am downloading the transactions using the batch id with method "getTransactionListRequest" .

How do I get method "getTransactionListRequest"  to download the Refund transaction id's?

Here is the JSON  request I am using:

  "getTransactionListRequest": {
    "merchantAuthentication": {
            "name": "*****************",
            "transactionKey": "**************************"
    "batchId" : "{{User::BatchID}}",
    "sorting": {
      "orderBy": "submitTimeUTC",
      "orderDescending": "true"
    "paging": {
      "limit": "100",
      "offset": "1"