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RC4 Cipher Project Issues

Hi my web developer disappeared 2 weeks ago so I am stuck trying to figure out how to resolve the new RC4 project that is due June 13th which disallows RC4 cipher usage.


My hosting co stated I should upgrade my site's code from PHP5.2 to 5.6 as that allows the RC4 cipher to be turned off. However, that is a major project as it took 20-30 hours of work just to upgrade from 5.2 to 5.3 (which is where I stand now).


Are there ANY alternatives that are faster and easier to where I can meet Authorize's new restrictions and turn off RC4 so my site will be able to continue accepting and processing payments??


Any and all help is appreciated!!


Hello @asher1000


RC4 is disabled in our sandbox for testing, have you confirmed that you're unable to connect to the sandbox with your current code?



Administrator Administrator

@asher1000 If your code doesn't prefer RC4 over other ciphers, there should be no impact. If your code forces the use of RC4, or if your solution only supports RC4 instead of other ciphers, that could be an issue, but that should also be a rare situation.

Please confirm with your web hosting company that RC4 is not a preferred cipher.

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