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Re: ARB and CIM Interoperability

Hi @Lilith,


I have one doubt regarding create a CIM profile from ARB Transactions.

Is there any restrictions to create a CIM profile from ARB Transaction? Like, the transaction should not be made more than few month ago.


Because I can't able to create a CIM Profile from ARB transaction which was created on 2014.  


Hello @naveenkumar


What is the error message returned when you attempt to create a profile from a previous transaction?



Administrator Administrator

Hi @RichardH,


I received two type of errors while creating a CIM Profile from the ARB transaction.


1. E00101 - Customer profile creation failed.
2. E00099 - Customer profile creation failed. This transaction ID is invalid. (But the transaction is a valid one. Successfully settled transaction ID)



Naveen B Kumar

@naveenkumar That raises an excellent point. We only hold onto the full card number for 120 days, to allow for refunds, after which we purge all but the last four digits from our system. Do you get errors if you try to create a CIM profile from a transaction in the past 120 days?

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