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Register and charge CC without security knowledge?

I am developing an iOS application for a client. He wants to be able to charge users for the service which is provided through this iOS app. He wants users register their cards in the app, and then their cards be charged each month depending on their usage. I suggested other methods like IAP, Paypal, Stripe, but he doesn't want to pay the fees!


From what I learnt so far about your service, we should use CIM for recharging people after we registered their cards. So, I can put a webView inside the app, users register there using the hosted form, that's the only time the app connects to this service. Then our server should perform the monthly billing. Apparently, we don't want to store, or even transmit CC info via the app itself. But, at least some information should be stored/transmitted in our server. After studying your documentation, still I can't find an exact solution for this problem, without security concerns. 


I am a native iOS developer, and my knowledge of web security and the like is zero. Is there any way we can do this with zero security knowledge? If NO, what is the easiest way of implementing such a system securly? Do we have to hire someone to just take care of the security part?


Thanks in advance for your help.


Hello @marioepsilon 


The Authorize.Net iOS SDK is designed to enable merchants to accept payments on devices in hand as a mobile point of sale device, it is not designed for customers to make payments on their personal devices.



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