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Relay Response

I'm attempting to use relay response with SIM. When the payment is successful, shouldn't the browser navigate to the URL that I've setup in the relay reponse URL screen?  The Browser address is still set to


I need to post the order info from to this page to display a summary of the order.


You have to pass the relay response URL from your form as well as configure it in your control panel.




Relay Response Basics

Relay Response is a feature available to merchants using Server Integration Method (SIM) or Simple Checkout. It instructs the payment gateway to return transaction results to the merchant using an HTML form POST to a specified URL on the merchant's Web server. A script or program at the URL can be used to create a custom receipt page using the transaction information. The custom receipt page is then relayed back to the customer's browser. Relay Response does not redirect the end user back to the merchant’s server, but relays the page content to the end user instead of displaying the Authorize.Net default receipt page.