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Render Problems with Accept Customer Hosted Form

Our integration with the Accept Customer Hosted Form experienced problems today which were customer-impacting. The code surrounding our integration was unchanging and in a stable state when this issue began and leads us to believe changes might have happened on the authorize side.


Did this form recently change? Are there areas we can subscribe to or anticipate scheduled changes? Are there any details that can be provided about the form and the issue we experienced today?


Screenshot attached:

 payment profie error.jpg


Hi nburkett-petly, 


We did release some changes to our Accept Suite today in both our Sandbox and Production environment. We are currently reverting the changes in Production, but leaving them in Sandbox for further testing as needed until we release them again to Production next week with our changes. This is one of the reports we are aware that some received during our cache refrese after our changes, which we are performing again throughout our Production revert so you may see this occassionally until we have completed this process, which should be shortly. 


Thank you for taking the time to report this to us and please continue to use our Sandbox for testing if able to do so and let us know if you identify any other issues. 




Moderator Moderator