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Restrict Credit Card to one Customer Profile

Hi Guys,


I have come up with a issue with CIM APIs.


The way our app is build right now we found that the user can use same Credit Card with different Customer Profiles.


For instance, if we submit the same credit card with to different customer profiles at that time the CIM API is successfully storing the same card under multiple profiles.


Is there any way I can search for the Credit Card through "getCustomerPaymentProfileRequest" API if I do not have the Customer Profile ID and Customer Payment Profile ID?


Let me know if any further clarification may be required from my side!


With regards,




GetCustomerPaymentProfileRequest does require both the customer profile id and the customer payment profile id.


Currently there is no search API in which you could pass in card information.


An alternative is to use GetCustomerPaymentProfileList, which will return a set of customer profiles along with payment profile information.

Administrator Administrator

Hi mmcguire


Thanks for your update!
However we cannot make GetCustomerPaymentProfileList as the CIM may contain thousands of profiles so it is not a feasible option to search that way!