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Restrictions on Test credit Cards

Are there any restrictions on the test cards?


Is there a maximum number of transactions you can do on a Test credit card on any day?


Is there a maximum limit you can charge a Test credit card?


Are there any restrictions related to Customer Profile ID, customer payment profile Id?


Appreciate any help.


If you are using a sandbox it works just like a live account. The test transactions will flag a duplicate charge and deny if you order the same amount for the same address too fast.


For customer profiles, I think those actually charge $1 then reverse it. There, I think your limit would be more determined by the issuer of the card you are using.  A while back I was working on a SIM integration and the owner set me up a .01 product to test, so that we could keep the site live while I worked on it.


After 70 consecutive transactions, it finally flagged a fraud altert or some such thing with my bank.  It was way up in the morning so I couldn't do anything, but all you'd have to do is contact your bank. On a side note, I find it hilarious how they flag 70 cents all of the sudden, but 69, 68 cents, etc. are apparently fine. I don't know how they set the cutoff or why they would pick that amount. 

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